Hot & Humid





…sweet, salty…


…rolling plip…




…can’t breathe…



…can’t move…


…whisper breeze…

…can’t think…


Need to breathe….

…to touch…



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From The Dust Poems:

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In Memoriam 9/11

Freedom, few words affect the soul the way freedom does. Every symbol of freedom will cause love or hate. For all our failings, for all our ills, for all our injustices, this nation, the United States of America, and its symbols are a shining beacon of freedom. We beckon to all, if you want to be free, come here. Let us never, ever forget that cornerstone.

Christian Self-deceit

The first thing that comes to mind is the separation of The Bible into The Old Testament and The New Testament. The two titles are misleading because they really are The Old Covenant and The New Covenant. So, if you follow Jesus the Christ, and have a new covenant with God, why then, do you insist that everyone but you adhere to The Old Covenant?

You rail against same sex marriage and against homosexuals and anyone else that does not define God and/or religion they way you do. You insist you and you alone know what God wants and that it is your duty to ensure we abide by your definitions and decrees. There are over five thousand laws in The Old Covenant with God; which of those laws do you break on a daily basis?

The law of the land: doesn’t that fall under “…give to Caesar what is Caesar’s”? Currently, the law of the land states it is legal for people of the same sex to be married. If you refuse to accept this aren’t you failing to give Caesar what belongs to Caesar? Aren’t you failing to follow the teachings of your Savior?

Let the sinless cast the first stone.

Jesus said he did not come to abolish the law; he came to fulfill the law (or accomplish their purpose). If the law is fulfilled (accomplished), how then can it be broken? If the law is fulfilled, if the law is accomplished; then, it ceases to exist. If it no longer exists how can it be broken?

Finally, if Jesus died in order for humankind to be sinless, then sin ceases to exist. What sin are you so upset about if sin doesn’t exist?

You have every right to believe what you wish to believe. But, do not insist you follow Jesus. It has nothing to do with what we know of the teachings of Jesus. You are nothing more than a bully intent on imposing your will on others.

Be careful he doesn’t say to you “I never knew you….”

Easter: Old Covenant/New Covenant

Easter: the end and the beginning. It is the end of the Old Covenant, the beginning of the New Covenant.

Why then do so many cling so mightily to the Old Covenant while claiming the New Covenant?

The Old Covenant so often appears to be a big stick used to pummel sinners. Name the sin/sinner, any of them, and out comes the Old Covenant to beat you into submitting to the Laws of God as defined by the stick wielder.

But, do not look upon the sins of those that point at you, and tell you how sinful you are, and what you must do to vanquish said sin. No, for they have become cleansed and pristine by their faith in the New Covenant.

And, it is not just religion where this macabre dance exists. Why do we hold so fast and hard to the past instead of putting our gaze on the present? We use the same stick, the stick of the past, to beat upon transgressors for deed real or imagined from times past.

Easter: the end and the beginning.

Let the past be just that. Let the old ways die off and be a faint memory.

Embrace a new way, one in the present.

I feel good!

Yes indeed, James, I feel good.

It has been a cold, stormy winter.

I am grateful I have a roof over my head.

I am grateful I have clothing that keeps me warm.

I am grateful I have a paycheck.

I am grateful for the beings I share love with.

I am grateful for all things.

I am grateful for the cold, stormy winter. It feels like a cleansing. A crisp, life giving cold that promises an awakening.

I am grateful for the fabulous spring about to begin.

Most of all, I am grateful for my wife.

Gratitude should never be a barrier to attainment.

Feeling Good

America the Beautiful

The end of the Winter Olympics reminds me of all the fuss about the Coke® ad of America the Beautiful. It played during the Super Bowl and the Olympics. It was a beautiful piece showing the different looks of Americans and the song being sung in immigrant native languages.

And, of course, it caused a backlash of we speak English here nonsense.

What are you afraid of?

How many of you spouting such nonsense are native American?

Just as I thought—none. How many of your ancestors came here speaking fluent English? Why is this a problem for you? Immigrants think so highly of YOUR country that they come here to make it their country and honor it and us by signing America the Beautiful in a language comfortable to them.

What are you afraid of?

They are as loyal to America as you are; maybe more so. Are they too successful for you? Would you rather have them unsuccessful and a tax burden for you—or are you a tax burden for them?

What are you afraid of?

Studies show by second generation immigrants are fully Americanized. I should know—I’m second generation. My grandparents were loyal Americans. My parents were loyal Americans. I’m a loyal American.

What are you afraid of?

First generation comes here, to a country and culture foreign to them. Of course they band together. Of course they retain their native language and culture. Of course they and their children and their grandchildren become Americanized.

What is so horrible about the song being song in all the languages that are apart of America—isn’t that what makes us great?

What are you so afraid of?