Easter: Old Covenant/New Covenant

Easter: the end and the beginning. It is the end of the Old Covenant, the beginning of the New Covenant.

Why then do so many cling so mightily to the Old Covenant while claiming the New Covenant?

The Old Covenant so often appears to be a big stick used to pummel sinners. Name the sin/sinner, any of them, and out comes the Old Covenant to beat you into submitting to the Laws of God as defined by the stick wielder.

But, do not look upon the sins of those that point at you, and tell you how sinful you are, and what you must do to vanquish said sin. No, for they have become cleansed and pristine by their faith in the New Covenant.

And, it is not just religion where this macabre dance exists. Why do we hold so fast and hard to the past instead of putting our gaze on the present? We use the same stick, the stick of the past, to beat upon transgressors for deed real or imagined from times past.

Easter: the end and the beginning.

Let the past be just that. Let the old ways die off and be a faint memory.

Embrace a new way, one in the present.