America the Beautiful

The end of the Winter Olympics reminds me of all the fuss about the Coke® ad of America the Beautiful. It played during the Super Bowl and the Olympics. It was a beautiful piece showing the different looks of Americans and the song being sung in immigrant native languages.

And, of course, it caused a backlash of we speak English here nonsense.

What are you afraid of?

How many of you spouting such nonsense are native American?

Just as I thought—none. How many of your ancestors came here speaking fluent English? Why is this a problem for you? Immigrants think so highly of YOUR country that they come here to make it their country and honor it and us by signing America the Beautiful in a language comfortable to them.

What are you afraid of?

They are as loyal to America as you are; maybe more so. Are they too successful for you? Would you rather have them unsuccessful and a tax burden for you—or are you a tax burden for them?

What are you afraid of?

Studies show by second generation immigrants are fully Americanized. I should know—I’m second generation. My grandparents were loyal Americans. My parents were loyal Americans. I’m a loyal American.

What are you afraid of?

First generation comes here, to a country and culture foreign to them. Of course they band together. Of course they retain their native language and culture. Of course they and their children and their grandchildren become Americanized.

What is so horrible about the song being song in all the languages that are apart of America—isn’t that what makes us great?

What are you so afraid of?


$35,000.00 per year salary

Bud Konheim recently stated that people making $35,000.00 per year should stop whining and be grateful because in developing nations that would be considered wealthy.


I live in America; and, yes, I make more than that.

That is one of the most illogical statements I have ever heard. It pretty well states how many people feel, especially the one-per-centers.

The same group that cries they have to pay out hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in salary and bonus in order to attract talent.


The same talent that has paid out millions and billions of dollars in fines?

The same talent that puts together some of the most ridiculous process and procedures in their companies have ever seen?

The same talent that proves daily that you can be incapable and incompetent and still make millions and billions of dollars because the people you look down on have the intelligence and work ethic to make it for you regardless of your own ineptitude?

Quick question here: if people do not have enough money to purchase what you sell—how much money will you make?

It is obvious you care not a whit about that: the tip of your nose is blinding you.

By your actions and inactions—YOU do not deserve $35,000.00 per year salary.

Tell you what, Bud, and all those that agree with you. Live for one year off of $35,000.00 per year gross salary.

Let me know how that works out for you.