Ideal Woman

I’m pretty sure this time next week the Kelsey Williams/Claire Crawford (Anna-Megan Raley) drama will be forgotten—some new affront will capture us for a few moments before we move on to the next one.

While I’m beating this dead horse I’ll say how refreshing it is to see a beautiful woman—Kelsey IS beautiful—that doesn’t look like a boy. You know, the too skinny Hollywood actresses and models that have no hips and no curves.

How many decades have we been inundated with an ideal of a woman that looks as though she has been starving all her life? How much longer will this unhealthy façade continue?

There are many articles written about how this destroys the body in numerous ways. Tons written about how this wreaks havoc with self-image and self-esteem, yet here we are discussing whether or not a lady that is obviously not overweight is too pudgy to be a cheerleader!

There are tens of thousands of women with beauty inside/out and outside/in that don’t have six-pack abs and aren’t stick thin—thank God!

It’s fine if you like women the size of pencils and all the muscle tone of Jell-O; it’s not fine to degrade women that don’t fall into that category.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and it is most certainly defined by the eye of the beholder—if we can all agree on that, then we can move past this small moment of insanity and worry about more important things such as the inevitably question: “Honey, does this outfit make my rump look too big?”